Chapter Four: Orality, Writing and What English Brings (links to some of the sections)
    - Walter J. Ong (Wikipedia)
    - Excerpts from Orality and Literacy 
The Introduction of Writing
    o What writing brings
     - Literacy by Molly Dolan
     - Writing Is A Humanizing Technology (1982) by Walter J. Ong
     - Oral Knowledge, Typographic Knowledge, Electronic Knowledge (1991) by Dog Brent
The Consequences of Literacy (1963) by Jack Goody and Ian Watt
    o From oral to written language
     - Afaan Oromo
     - Orality, Literacy, and the Tradition (1999) by Thomas F. Bertonneau
     - Style and Meaning in Igbo English Novels (2006) by Herbert Igboanusi The Writing Matrix 6.1
    o The persistence of orality
     - The Last of the Bards: The Story of Habibu Selemani of Tanzania (c. 1929-93) by M. M. Mulokozi RAL 28.1 (1997)
     - From Orality to Literacy to Hypertext: Back to the Future? by Robert Fowler
What English brings
    o Bringing in new genres
     - O. Chandu Menon (1847-1900)
    o What English brings and what is already there
     - Brathwaite on the resistance of Caribbean speech rhythms to British poetic rhythms (BBC sound file)
        Comment on Walcott quotation (p. 85)
      ►Comment on Stuart Hall quotation (p. 86) 

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