Chapter One: English in (Post)colonial Contexts (Some Links)
1.1 England Colonised and the Importance of Latin
o Latin and English language and literature
     - The Age of Reason: The fall and rise of Rome and the spread of English by Stephen Colbourn
     - The End of Roman Britain: Assessing the Anglo-Saxon Invasions of the Fifth Century (1994) by William Bakken
     - Anglo-Saxon England: A Guide to Online Resources by Stuart Lee
A Lost Continent of Literature: The rise and fall of Neo-Latin (2001) by James Hankins
1.2 Ethnicity, Nationality and Language

     - Ethnicity and Race by Dennis O'Neil
Arnoldian Ethnology by Vincent P. Pecora
     - Reconstructing 'Englishness' by Lawrence Raw
    o Effect on literary studies
     - Book notice (1997) by Brooke Allen on Michael Gorra's After Empire: Scott, Naipaul, Rushdie 
     - Two Reviews of Thomas S. Gladsky's Princes, Peasants, and Other Polish Selves
1.3 Relativity of power and dominance
Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859): On Empire and Education
    o Dominance of language and literature may be determined by extrinsic forces
Emperor's English: Language as a Technology of Rule in British West Africa (1997) by Paulina L Alberto

1.4 British Expansion and the Spread of English
    o Britain and the British Isles 
     - What is the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England?
     - What are the British Isles?
    o The rise of British imperialism 
     - British Empire Imperialism
     - The British Empire, c.1497-1800 (1998) by Michael S Smith
    o The civilising mission of colonialism 
     - The British "Civilising Mission" & its Legacy on India's Political Culture
    o Language and Empire 
     - Language and Empire: The Vision of Nebrija
     - Jennifer Margulis and Peter Nowakoski: Language
    o The fall of the British Empire 
     - The Decline of European Colonialism
     - The Lingua Franca of the Net by John Horvath 
1.5 The Rise of Literature in English and the Empire
o English Literature and Empire
     - English Literature and Empire by Caryl Phillips & Penelope Lively
     - The Empire Writes Back from The College Street Journal (Mount Holyoke College)
     - Postcolonial Literature in English: An Overview of the Religious Contexts
    o Spread of Empire led to the Spread of English Literature
- Western Education in Nineteenth-Century India (1998) by Tricia Doyle
1.6 Superiority of Language & Dialect
- The Worldliness of the English Language: A Lingua Franca Past and Future (1999) by Eugene Eoyang
    o Purity and Socio-Economic Considerations 
     - Chapter 17.2 of  (1896) The Warfare of Science with Theology by Andrew Dickson White
     - Slang in America (1888) by Walt Whitman

    o Purity of dialects 
      - Purism
- Definition of dialect: Language or dialect?
     - Johnson's Dictionary
    o Ranking of dialects of English 
     - Dialects, Standards, Myths (1995) by Devi Sarinjeive
     - Investigation of Attitudes to Scots and Glasgow Dialect Among Secondary School Pupils (1991) by Janet Menzies
    o Postcolonial attainment of prestige
- Scots in the 21st Century (2001) by Irene McGugan
1.7 The Canon and Postcolonial Literature(s)
o Definition of Postcolonial Literature(s) 
     - A Postcolonial Perspective by Terry DeHay
     - New English Literatures Online by Thorsten Schreiber
    o Anglocentrism and Eurocentricism
     - AnglocentricEurocentric (x-refer)
    o Binary oppositions
     - The Double and the Center (1999) by David P. Lichtenstein
     - Revising Postcolonialism (1999) by Stephanie Bachorz
     - Lost in Space by Lawrence Phillips
    o Problem with the '-post'
     - The Postcolonial Bazaar (1998) by Bishnupriya Ghosh
     - Theories as Fictions in the Arabo-Islamic Cultural Context (1993) by Michèle Drouart
     - "Postcolonial Literature": Problems with the Term (1998) by Paul Brians

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