Chapter Seven: Style, Language(s), Politics and Acceptability (links to some of the sections)
The Style of World English Literatures
- The Great Narayan by Pankaj Mishra
Other Languages, Dialects and Communication

    o The politics of silence
     - 'Gender, race, colonialism' (section from the Wikipedia entry on Coetzee's Foe)
     - Silence: A Comparison of Brighton Sango's Sculpture and Post-Colonial Zimbabwean Literature by Maureen Grundy
    o Comprehensibility of dialects, pidgins and creoles
     - What is Pidgin What is Creole by John McWhorter
     - Creolization is a Social, Not a Structural, Process by Salikoko Mufwene
     - Chapter 1 of John Holm's An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles (pdf) 
     - Nigerian Pidgin by Dominique Bediako
     - Grammatical categories and their realisations in Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea (1999) by Jan Wohlgemuth
     - Full On Pidgin (on Hawaiian Pidgin)
     - Caribbean Creole isn't uniform (BBC sound file)

The Question of Acceptability
- english or English? Attitudes, Local Varieties and English Language Teaching (1997) by John Norrish
     - Walcott on whether creole or English should be officially accepted (BBC sound file)

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