Chapter Six: Decolonisation and the Survival of English (links to some of the sections)
English as a World Language
     - The Role of English in the 21st Century (2000) by Melvia A. Hasman
Practical Value of English

     - English Will Define Our Competitiveness And Global Image (2002) by K. J. John (New Straits Times, Malaysia).
     - The value of learning science by  K. D. Arulpragasam
     - The Internet & the English Language (1997) by Anthea Fraser Gupta
    o English and its cultural baggage
     - Going 'Native'
The Survival / Flowering of Literature
     - New Literatures in English (1996) by Cristina Banfi & Raymond Day
     - Indo-Anglian Fiction (1997-98) by Leela Gandhi
Cultural Imperialism: English Edging Out Other Cultures
     - Will the Internet Always Speak English? (2000) by Geoffrey Nunberg
     - English 'Imperialism' (AsiaWeek 7 April, 2000)
     - Come Into My Web: Literary Postcolonialism in the Information Technology Age (1997) by V. Carchidi
    o Literature in English edging out other literatures
     - Translation and Multilingualism in Post-Colonial Context: Indian Situation by Indra Nath Choudhuri
     - 'The best Indian authors write in regional languages' interview with Kunal Basu (The Tribune 23 March 2003)

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