Chapter Three: Anglo-Saxon Transplantations (Some Links)
    Marginal Positions: Constructing Cultural Differences on Various 'Posts' by Sneja Gunew
3.1 American National identity via Literature and Language

     - The Role of Philosophy and Literature in building up the National Identity of the early 19th century United States by Keijo Virtanen
     - Lucy Terry (1730-1821) by Pattie Cowell and Ivy Schweitzer
    o Noah Webster and the 'American' language
     - Noah Webster by Albert E. Van Dusen
    o Walt Whitman
     - Walt Whitman
     - What is American About American Poetry?
    o Literary genres and the postcolonial assertion of nationalism
     - The Empire Writes Back: Literary Critic to Speak... (2002)
    o The significance of Mark Twain
     - Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn: Text, Illustrations, and Early Reviews
     - Mark Twain's Anti-Imperialist Writings edited by Jim Zwick
     - Dialect in Literature (pdf)
3.2 Growing Respect of American Dialects
  - Change of Accent for Corset Queen (2002) by Bruce Newman
     - Booming Business from India Today

3.3 American Cultural Imperialism
     - Cultural Imperialism (definition from Wikipedia)
     - American Imperialism 
- Booker goes global (2002) by Robert McCrum
    o Is American cultural imperialism linguistic?
     - Indian, American Indian, and Native Americans: Counterfeit Identities (1999) by Michael Yellow Bird
3.4 English Literature or Literature in English?
     - English Department Geography (1987) by Reed Way Dasenbrock
3.5 Problematic Case of South Africa
     - Mad dogs and Englishmen: high noon for English studies and the university by Thomas Olver
     - South African English: Oppressor or Liberator? by Penny Silva
     - English Unassailable but Unattainable (1999) by Neville Alexander
    o Influence of English or European models in early writings
     - South African Poetry: 4. Anthologies.
3.6 Australian Identity and Language
    o English and the difficulties of creating an Australian Identity
     - The Foundations Of Culture In Australia (1935) by P.R. Stephensen
     - The Making of Australian Consciousness, by David Malouf (1998): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
    o Aborigines and Australian literature
     - Indigenous Australians
    o Anglo-Saxon Australia and the linguistic experience of immigrants
     - From Migrant Writing to Ethnic Minority Literatures by Sneja Gunew
3.7 New Zealand
     - New Zealand literature
    o Division of literature
     - Michael King (biography of a literary scholar who is conscious of the division)
    o The importance of the oral tradition in Maori literature
     - Māori oral traditions in print
     - The Oral Literature of the Polynesians by Bruce Briggs
3.8 Canadian Literature
- Canadian Literature: Resources 
     - Literature in English (1995) by W H New
     - Finding out about Native Canadian Women Writers Published in English (bibliography)
     - The Peril of Exclusionary Canada by Ovide Mercredi
     - Changing Identities II by Neil Bissoondath
     - Veto Rights I II by Naomi Klein
    o Proximity to American cultural imperialism
     - Harold Innis-A Canadian Communication Theorist (1998) by Maureen McIntyre
     - Tough Rules Stand Guard Over Canadian Culture (1999) By Anthony DePalma
     - U.S. Bashing No Longer a Game by Robert Fulford
    o The oral tradition in Canadian minority literatures
     - Ojibway literature
     - Recent Native Literature in Canada (bibliography)
    o Loss of language
     - The Viability of Indian Languages in Canada (pdf) by John A Price

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