Chapter Two: Anti-Colonialism in Scottish, Welsh and Irish Literatures  (Some Links)
2.1 England is not Britain
     - England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom
     - British or English (discussion with follow-up messages)
2.2 Literature in English by the Non-English in Britain I
    o Hostility towards England
     - Sinn Féin And Socialism (1908) by James Connolly
     - First Chapter of Angel in the Mist (1998), a medieval fantasy romance by Marti Phillips
2.3 Literature in English by the Non-English in Britain II 
     - Black British Literature since Windrush by Onyekachi Wambu
2.4 Scottish, Welsh and Irish Literatures
Anglo-Irish Literature by Alfred Perceval Graves
     - Island Ireland
     - Overview of Scottish Literature
     - Scottish Authors
     - Welsh literature (from the Columbia Encyclopedia)
     - Centre for Research into the English Language and Literature of Wales
2.5 Nationalism in These Literatures
     - The 1916 Easter Uprising: The Shift in Support of Irish Nationalism
     - 'Easter 1916' by W.B. Yeats
     - Irish Nationalism: Themes of Survival and Transcendence in Modern Irish Literature (1996) by Shirley Galloway
     - Review of Robert Tracy's The Unappeasable Host: Studies in Irish Identity by Bruce Stewart
     - Cultural and Political Nationalism in Wales by Johan Schimanski 
     - James VI and the Development of Scottish National Identity by Carolyn Ives
     - The History of Beginnings by Paul Haacke (book review)
     - The Development of Scottish Nationalism Aalborg University student project
    o Problems with nationalism in literature
     - What Is Nationalism?
2.6 Anglo-Irish, -Scottish and -Welsh literatures as postcolonial literatures
    o Anglo-Irish literature
     - Theories of Post-Coloniality: Edward W. Said and W.B. Yeats
     - William Butler Yeats and Postcolonialism (2000) by Elizabeth Brewer
     - Review of  Gerry Smyth's Decolonisation and Criticism by Bruce Stewart
    o Anglo-Scottish literature
     - Modes of Marginality: Scottish Literature and the Uses of Postcolonial Theory by Liam Connell, Comparative Studies
       of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
, 23:1&2 (2003): 41–53
    o Anglo-Welsh literature 
     - Finding a Voice: Welsh Writing in English by Tony Brown, Hard Times 63 (1998): 47.
     - Welsh Literature: 20th Century, Pt III
2.7 Use of Dialects and Linguistic Violence
     - Dialects and Languages
     - Language or Dialect?
     - What is Scots? (2000) by Andy Eagle
    o James Kelman
     - An Interview with James Kelman (2002) by Fabio Vericat
    o Irvine Welsh
     - Trainspotting as a way of introducing the Scottish to the label of "language" (1998) by Gala Zamora
    o The f-word and anti-colonialism: an Australian digression
     - Australian Word Map: Vulgar language
     - How to Do Things with Four-Letter Words: A study of the semantics of swearing in Australia (1993) by Angus Kidman
    o The f-word and anti-colonialism: back to Kelman
     - meaning from The American Heritage® Dictionary (2000)
     - Uses of the word...
2.8 Suppression of the Celtic Languages
     - Should minority languages be protected? (BBC web forum)
  - Introduction to Manx (1995) by Dr. Brian Stowell
    o Survival of the Celtic languages
     - Unesco Red Book on Endangered Languages (Europe) by Tapani Salminen:
            Irish Gaelic,
Scottish Gaelic, Welsh   
     - Celtic Literature, by Matthew Arnold
     - Gaelic literature (from the Columbia Encyclopedia)
     - What is Welsh?
     - Cwylwe
     - The Social, Economic & Political Reasons for the Decline of Gaelic in Scotland by Ewan J. Innes (1993)
     - Scotland's Languages in Scotland's Parliament (1998) by Wilson McLeod
Gaelic in the New Scotland: Politics, Rhetoric and Public Discourse (pdf; 2001) by Wilson McLeod|
     - Celtic Identity by Gearoid O Tuathaigh
     - - - - Nationalists and the Irish Language in Northern Ireland: Competing Perspectives by Camille O'Reilly (1999)
2.9 Pattern seen in other postcolonial literatures
  - Suppression of Indigenous Sovereignty in 20th Century United States by Ward Churchill

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