EL3221: Literary Stylistics
Practical Work

  1. The quizzes (20% of your assessment) are held at the beginning of each class, and throughout the session. The quizzes at the beginning of the session will test your knowledge and understanding of what is given in the online notes. There will be an opportunity to discuss any problems you have with the notes during the session. Later in the session, further quizzes will be given on the selected literary works or extracts from them (which are also provided on the website). The questions will be based on the scheduled linguistic or pragmatic features for each session. 
  2. These texts will then be discussed, in light of the correct quiz answers given by you. Using these answers as your points of departure, you will then be required to provide short interpretive responses (20%) to the texts, taking into consideration the linguistic or pragmatic features that you have been tested on.
  3. At the end of each session, you will be asked on how you could piece together your interpretive responses to the literary works or extracts into essay-length responses. This should be helpful groundwork for the 2 essays (1,500 words and 15% each), which you have to submit in each half of the semester. You will be further asked on how you could use these linguistic or pragmatic features for writing literary-stylistics or other theses, and for the more holistic analysis of, or application to, non-literary texts.
  4. Class participation (15%) should be viewed as the sum-total of all activities in class. It is more than just attendance at every session, although this is the starting point of the assessment of participation.