EL3221: Literary Stylistics
1st Semester 2006/07
Project Report Notes: Some Suggestions

Here are some suggestions on the questions that you may want to answer in your project report. These are just suggestions. Feel free to develop questions of your own, especially if they are relevant to your project.


  1. Why did you choose the text?
    1. Did you choose it completely at random, or was there some randomness involved?
    2. Or was there a purpose behind your choice?
    If there
  2. How closely is your report related to your presentation? While the report should reflect what is presented, this may not always be possible, for example
  3. Were there disagreements in the observations of project members or was there a great deal of uniformity? What is the nature of the agreement or disagreement?


Discussion of the song, which can either be:

  1. On a stanza to stanza or line-by-line basis.
  2. In terms of certain dominant sound features.
  3. Combination of the above: for example, how some sound features connect with the stanzas.


  1. What has your project achieved?
  2. Can your observations be applied to:
    1. Other songs?
    2. Poetry
    3. Other instances of language use?
  3. How has your work for the project help you to understand the importance of cooperative work for some kinds of linguistic or literary research?
  4. How has your work enhanced the thinking of the group members, and how will it help others to think likewise?

Document last revised on 05 August 2006.