EL3221: Literary Stylistics
1st Semester 2006/07
Project Timetable & Deadlines

Project Topic:
The Linguistic Sounds of Songs

Basic question: Are the technicalities in the analysis of the sounds of poetry also relevant for the analysis of the linguistic sounds of songs?

Relevant lecture notes: nos. 4 and 5.
(Relevant tutorials [not used for 2006-07]: nos.
4 and 5.)

H. Samy Alim, 'On Some Serious Next Millennium Rap Ishhh' Journal of English Linguistics Vol. 31.1 (2003): 60-84.
From Wikipedia: Song; Song Structure (Popular Music); Refrain; Thirty-Two-Bar Form
The Rap Dictionary

Percentage of total marks for this module (assessment includes the presentation of the project work): 15%.

Further notes and specifications on the project.

Week Date Tasks
2 22/8 Project topic introduced
3 29/8 Students try to form themselves into project groups (5 or 6 members each). Should be done outside the session as well.
4 5/9 Project groups to be confirmed. Names to be submitted.
5 12/9 Tentative project titles to be given.
6 19/9 Brief general discussion of project work
  26/9 Mid-semester break
7 3/10 Discussion of project work. Confirmation of the titles. What is the nature of the work involved? How are the tasks divided among group members?
8 10/10 Brief discussion or comments on the projects
9 17/10 Further discussion or comments on the projects
10 24/10 Hari Raya Puasa
11 31/10 Project presentations (15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion)
12 7/11 Presentation by summarizers (20-25 minutes, plus 10 minutes of discussion)
12 10/11 Submission of project reports: to be uploaded in the workbin (preferably), or sent to cosibst@nus.edu.sg (only for smaller files) by 12 am (note that the deadline has been extended, so that you can take note of any comments or observations made by the summarizers or by me on the 7th of November). Software to be used for writing up: Microsoft Word (any version), other software or coding languages such as HTML may also be used (discuss this with me beforehand). No paper submissions will be accepted (unless good reasons are given). Projects that consist of large files (more than 5 mbs in total) should be submitted on CDs. Students should scan their files for viruses before submitting them (including those burned on CDs).

Last updated: 06 October 2006