EL3221: Literary Stylistics
2017-18, Semester 1
Second Essay Assignment

Qn: Do a stylistic analysis of mood and modality in the given passage from Katherine Manfield's "Fueille d'album".

Advisory note: You have already done exercises on features of mood and modality in the passage. You should use the given correct answers to do the essay. Analyses of mood concentrate on the finite element and not the predicator (which we will look at in the analysis of transitivity). The exercise on the adjuncts was mainly to enable you to distinguish modal adjuncts from circumstantial adjuncts (or the occasional conjunctive adjuncts); there is a list of modal adjuncts on the module website. For further features of mood and modality, do look at workshop handouts seven and eight.

How will I be judging your essay?: Take a look at the take-home essay guidelines and criteria.

Deadline: 17th November 2017 (before 12 am, 18th Nov.).
No. of Words: 1,200 to 3,000
Referencing: Any systematic method of referencing is allowed. Among the style sheets you may want to use for your essay (in order of preference) are those of the American Psychological Association,  the Modern Language Association or the Linguistic Society of America. (HTML links are also allowed; you must provide me a list of the links at the end and the date of access).
Method of submission: Through the IVLE module workbin. Alternatively, you may want to give the exact URL of your web or blog page if your essay is posted there: of course, this is an invitation to me to visit your web or blog page, rather than a 'submission' in the strict sense. Essays should be written in Microsoft Word (any version) or HTML (if it is on a web or blog page). Hard copies will not be accepted, unless an explanation is given to me in advance. Students submitting their essays should scan their files for viruses beforehand.

Percentage of total marks for this essay: 15% (& 15% for the previous essay, to make 30% for the two essays).