N.B.: These are the EL level 300 modules offered for the 1996-97 academic year.

Level 300 (Elective modules)

First Semester
  1. EL303 Semantic/Pragmatic Analysis
  2. EL304 Language Development
  3. EL305 Professional Writing
  4. EL307: Literary Stylistics
  5. EL308 Discourse Analysis
  6. EL310 Special Topic*
  7. EL312 Writing Film Criticism
  8. EL313 Oral Communication Skills for Professionals
    * In 1996/97, the Special Topic is Language and Literature in Education
Second Semester
  1. EL301 Phonetics and Phonological Analysis
  2. EL302 Syntactic Analysis
  3. EL306 Language and Society
  4. EL309 English for Specific Purposes
  5. EL311 Critical Reading, Persuasive Writing