Online Postcolonial Conference:
Papers and Their Abstracts
Information on the Conferencing

The following are the abstracts and full papers for the online conference on postcolonial theory (in the order the abstracts were submitted to me):

  1. V Carchidi, 'Come Into My Web: Literary Postcolonialism in the Information Technology Age'

  2. Abstract
    Full Paper

  3. Houston Wood, 'Hawaiians in Cyberspace'

  4. Abstract
    Full Paper

  5. Stephen B. Crofts Wiley, 'Becoming Modern: Capitalism and Agency in Neoliberal Chile'

  6. Abstract
    Full Paper

  7. Christopher Gibbins, 'Calligraphy and Dialogics: Moroccan Writings' Islamic Intertextualities'
    Full Paper
  8. Anthony R. Guneratne, 'The Virtual Spaces of Postcoloniality'

  9. Abstract
    Full Paper

  10. Anthea Fraser Gupta, 'The Internet and the English Language'

  11. Abstract
    Full Paper

Conference Date: The conference proper will begin on the 14th of April [1997], and will last for three weeks.

Conferencing software to be used [please note that the following weblinks functioned during, and shortly before and after the conference; they are no longer in operation]: We are using COW at the National University of Singapore for this conference. Registration is now open. Please access the site at the following URL, and register by clicking on the 'Register' icon on the welcome page:
You will need to wait for about two days to get your user name and password. Before this, you may tour COW as a guest, but this will not allow you to access the postcolonial site yet.

After you have been given your login name, write to me at, so that it could be included in the access list: this will allow you to access the Postcolonial Conference site.

So there are two stages in your registration:

  • Registration at COW, and
  • Registration for the conference.
You should allow yourselves a few days for both.

Navigation on COW (just for your information, and may be self-evident, or -- if you have sent me your login name -- not necessary): Once you enter COW, by using your confirmed login name and password (i.e. not as a guest), you will reach your 'home' on COW, which is also called your HotList. If the postcolonial list is not there, click on the HotList Editor button at the bottom of the page. On this page, there is a hypertext link to [Private Conferences]. One of the Private Conferences is the postcolonial conference (called 'Post_Colonial'). You can have your name registered for the conference by clicking my conference e-mail address from this page, and stating your login name in your message.


Ismail S. Talib