City as Target International Workshop

20-21 August 2004

The National University of Singapore


Faculty Lounge AS7 Shaw Foundation Building






Friday 20 August

9.30-11.00 Session 1 (10 minute presentations)

Nigel Thrift: ‘But with Malice Aforethought’: Cities and the Natural History of Hatred

John Armitage: Targeting the Imaginist City

Irving Goh: For a Right to Disappear, or Citizen-as-Target

Pal Ahluwalia: Empire or Imperialism: Implications for a “New” Politics of Resistance

Verena Andermatt Conley: The City-as-Target: Targeting the City

James Sidaway: Banal Politics Resumed


11.00-11.30: Tea Break


11.30-1.00 Discussion


1.00-2.00: Lunch


2.00-3.30:  Session 2 (10 minute presentations)

Robbie Goh: The City and the Economy of “Losing”: Targeting Competitive Bodies in an Era of Global Competition

Shekhar Krishan: Urbanism before Nationalism: Ideas and Institutions in 20th Century Mumbai

Chua Beng Huat: SARS Epidemic and the Disclosure of the Singapore Nation

Eyal Weizman: Crimes of Urbicide and the Built Environment

Suzuki Hiroyuki: Tokyo: Water, Earthquake, and Island Universe

Gregory Clancey: Vast Clearings: Emergency, Technology, and American De-Urbanization, 1930-1945



3.30-4.00 Tea Break


4.00-5.30 Discussion


7.30 Workshop Dinner at Evergreen Restaurant


Saturday 21 August


9.30-11.00 Session 3 (10 minute presentations)

Jordan Crandall: Operational Space

Li Shiqiao: Concealment and Exposure: Imagining London after the Great Fire

Irina Aristarkhova: Moscow: Fortress City

Nick Cullather: “The Target is the People”:  Representations of the Village in Modernization and National Security Doctrine

Steve Graham: Switching Societies Off: War, Infrastructure, Geopolitics

Tjebbe van Tijen: Ars Memoria and Unbombing



11.00-11.30 Tea Break


11.30-1.00 Discussion


1.00-2.00 Lunch


2.00-3.30 Session 4 (10 minute presentations)

Rajeev Patke: London: The Imperial Target

William Lim: Targeting Asian Cities

Chi Ti-Nan: Mis-orientation Fish Square, Uskudar, Istanbul

Ryan Bishop and John Phillips: Scoping out Urban Targets

Sharon Traweek: TBA


3.30-4.00  Tea Break


4.00-5.00 Discussions


5.00-5.30 Wrap up Discussion






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