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Rahimat Khan: List of 78 rpm recordings

             Recorded (Bombay) c.1919, Published 1921 (The Gramophone Co. Ltd.)

  1           Bhairavi tappa  sayyan daman                              P 4696

              Hori                  jamuna ke tir                               P 4696  

  2          Malkauns          pir na ja                                       P 4697

              Yaman              dhan dhawaya dhan dhan tero       P 4697               MP3 Excerpt          

  3          Hori kafi          eri main kowa jatan se                  P 4698

         Tappa               chaal paykaani                              P 4698 

  4          Bhoop               javase tum man laagi                     P 4699

              Tilang               jaaya kahan kubari                      P 4699 

  5          Basant              pat bhijna                                    P 4700

              Pilu                   murla bole gori ka                       P 4700   

  6          Bhairavi            maiko na chedo ji                        P 4701 

              [Bhairavi           tum jage kaun  (Master Krishnarao)]


  A full scholarly discography and biographical account, with photos is provided by

   Michael Kinnear, The Record News, TRN-2000 Annual, 59-63. I depart from his transcriptions in order to give my version of what the catalogue gives (p.60). Thanks to Dean Morris for bringing my attention to its details, and related matters.

The photo is borrowed from and hyperlinked to Rajan Parrikar's SAWF site.





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