Rajeev Patke




Rajeev S. Patke

Publications on Indian Poetry in English


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Poetry Since Independence


                   LITERARY EVENTS                                          LITERARY WORKS                                         


 1950        Illustrated Weekly begins publishing poetry          

                                                                                                1952        Nissim Ezekiel, A Time to Change

1953        Sahitya Akademi founded                                       1953        Ezekiel, Sixty Poems

1955        Quest founded

                                                                                                1957        Dom Moraes, A Beginning

1958        Moraes awarded Hawthornden Prize

                Indian Literature founded

1959        Writers Workshop begins publication                    1959        Ezekiel, The Third

                Opinion founded

                Poetry (Chicago), Indian poetry issue (January)    1960        Ezekiel, The Unfinished Man

1960        Sahitya Akademi begins awards in Indian                              P. Lal, The Parrot's Death & Other Poems

                Literature in English                                                                Moraes, Poems

1961        Imprint founded

                                                                                                1962        Penguin Modern Poetry 2 (Moraes, Kingsley Amis, Peter Porter)

                                                                                                                Adil Jussawala, Land's End


1964        Das receives Poetry Award, Asian PEN, Manila

                                                                                                1965        Kamala Das, Summer in Calcutta

                                                                                                                Ezekiel, The Exact Name

                                                                                                                Moraes, John Nobody

1966        Poetry India (6 issues)                                            1966        A. K. Mehrotra, bharatmata: a prayer

                Young Commonwealth Poets, ed. P. L. Brent                         Moraes, Poems 1955-1965

                                                                                                                Gieve Patel,  Poems

                                                                                                                A. K. Ramanujan, The Striders

                                                                                                1967        Das, The Descendants

                                                                                                                Mehrotra, Concrete Poetry

                                                                                                                Mehrotra, Woodcuts on Paper

                                                                                                                Pritish Nandy, Of Gods and Olives

                                                                                                                R. Parthasarthy, The First Step, Poems 1955-56

                                                                                                1968        Gauri Deshpande, Between Births

                                                                                                                K. D. Katrak, A Journal of the Way

                                                                                                                Moraes, Bedlam and Others

                                                                                                                Nandy, I Hand You in Turn My Nebbuk Wreath

                                                                                                                Nandy, On Either Side of Arrogance

                                                                                                1969        Modern Indian Poetry in English: An Anthology and a Credo, ed. P. Lal

                                                                                                1970        Keki Daruwalla, Under Orion

                                                                                                                Shiv K. Kumar, Articulate Silences

1971        Mehrotra at Iowa writers program                         1971        Daruwalla, Apparition in April

                                                                                                                Jayanta Mahapatra, Close the Sky, Ten by Ten

                                                                                                                Mehrotra, Pomes/Poemes/Poems

                                                                                                                Ramanujan, Relations

                                                                                                1972        Contemporary Indian Poetry in English: An Assessment and Selection, ed. Saleem Peeradina

1973        Arnold Heinemann Indian poetry series starts       1973        Das, The Old Playhouse and Other Poems

1974        Opinion Literary Quarterly (4 issues)                    1974        An Anthology of Indo-English Poetry, ed. Gauri Deshpande

                                                                                                                Kumar, Cobwebs in the Sun

1975-77   Emergency Rule in India

1975        Chitre at Iowa writers programm                           1975        Kumar, Subterfuges

1976        Clearing House begins publishing                           1976        Ten Twentieth-Century Indian Poets, ed. R. Parthasarthy

                OUP New Poetry in India series begins                 Jussawalla, Missing Person

                Ramanujan awarded the Padma Shri                                       Ezekiel, Hymns in Darkness

                Mahapatra at Iowa writers program                                       Arun Kolhatkar, Jejuri

                                                                                                                Kumar, Subterfuges

                                                                                                                Mahapatra, A Father's Hours

                                                                                                                Mahapatra, A Rain of Rites

                                                                                                                Mehrotra, Nine Enclosures

                                                                                                                Patel, How Do You Withstand, Body

                                                                                                                Ramanujan, Selected Poems

1977        Kolatkar wins Commonwealth Poetry Prize          1977        Lal, Collected Poems

                Nandy awarded the Padma Shri                                              Parthasarthy, Rough Passage

1978        Parthasarthy at Iowa writers program

                                                                                                1979        Das & Nandy, Tonight, The Savage Rite

                                                                                                                Eunice  de Souza, Fix

                                                                                                                Katrak, Underworld

                                                                                                                Kumar, Woodpeckers

                                                                                                                Mahapatra, Waiting

                                                                                                                Nandy, Selected Poems

                                                                                                1980        Two Decades of Indian Poetry 1960-1980, ed. Keki N. Daruwalla

                                                                                                                Dilip Chitre, Travelling a Cage

                                                                                                                Daruwalla, Winter Poems

                                                                                                                Mahapatra, The False Start

                                                                                                                Mahapatra, Relationship

                                                                                                                Saleem Peeradina, First Offence

1981        Sahitya Akademi awards to Das and Mahapatra   1981        Vikram Seth, Mappings

                                                                                                                Manohar Shetty, A Guarded Space

                                                                                                1982        Daruwalla, The Keeper of the Dead

                                                                                                                Ezekiel, Latter-Day Psalms

                                                                                                                Mehrotra, Distance in Statute Miles

1983        Ezekiel receives the Sahitya Akademi Award        1983        Mahapatra, Life Signs

                                                                                                                Moraes, Absences

1984        Kumar receives the Charles Holmer Prize              1984        Das, Collected Poems vol. I

                Daruwalla receives the Sahitya Akademi Award    Katrak, Purgatory

                                                                                                                Mehrotra, Middle Earth

                                                                                                                Kumar, The Broken Columns

                                                                                                1985        Seth, The Humble Administrator's Garden

1986        Seth wins Commonwealth Poetry Prize (Asia)      1986        Das, A Selection, ed. S.C. Harrex & V. O'Sullivan

                                                                                                                Seth, The Golden Gate

                                                                                                1987        Mahapatra, Selected Poems

1988        Sujata Bhatt wins Commonwealth Poetry             1988        de Souza, Women in Dutch Painting

                Prize (Asia)                                                                             Mahapatra, Burden of Waves and Fruit

                Kumar and Seth receive Sahitya Akademi Awards                Shetty, Borrowed Time         

                Ezekiel receives the Padma Shri                                                                             

                                                                                                1989        Imtiaz Dharker, Purdah

                                                                                                                Ezekiel, Collected Poems 1952-1988

                                                                                                                Mahapatra, The Temple

                                                                                                1990        Contemporary Indian Poetry, ed. Kaiser Haq

                                                                                                                de Souza, Ways of Belonging

                                                                                                                Charmayne D'Souza, A Spelling Guide to Woman

                                                                                                                Seth, All You Who Sleep Tonight

                                                                                                1991        Das, The Best of Kamala Das

                                                                                                                Patel, Mirrored, Mirroring

                                                                                                                Seth, Beastly Tales from Here and There

                                                                                                1992        The Oxford India Anthology of Twelve Modern Indian Poets, ed. A. K. Mehrotra

                                                                                                                Ezekiel, Selected Prose

                                                                                                1993        Indian Poetry in English, ed. M. Paranjape

                                                                                                                An Anthology of New Indian English Poetry, ed. M. Paranjape

                                                                                                                In Their Own Voice: The Penguin Book of Contemporary Indian Women Poets, ed. Arlene R.K. Zide

                                                                                                1994        Dharker, Postcards from God

                                                                                                                Shetty, Domestic Creatures

                                                                                                1995        Daruwalla, A Summer of Tigers