EN 4241  Utopias and Dystopias

2011-12, Semester 2

Rajeev S. Patke 



Topics for Review and Discussion: Walter E. Miller, A Canticle for Leibowitz (1960)

Review Questions:
1. Why "Canticle"?
2. What is the significance of the "Leibowitz" of the title tot he novel as a whole?
3. Comment on the significance of the "smile" motif developed throughout the three parts of the novel.
4. The figure of the wandering Jew: how does relate that to the Judaic and Christian motifs in the novel?
5. What is the view of history that you infer from the novel?
6. Comment on the nature of realist narrative conventions in SF with specific reference to this novel.
7. How does the novel use the notion of an apocalypse?
8. Comment on the role of religion as a social institution in the novel.
9. What is the view of science and technology you derive from the novel?
10. How would your elate the novel to various symbolic and mythic figures such as Lucifer, Prometheus, Faustus, Frankenstein?




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