EN 4241  Utopias and Dystopias

2009-10, Semester 2

Rajeev S. Patke



Sheri S. Tepper: The Gate to Women's Country (1988)


Topics for seminar discussion

1  The utopian/dystopian features of a post-holocaust world

2  The role of historical allusions in the novel: Tepper and Homer

3  Gender and SF

4  Gender and stereotypes

5  Issues of Power, Governance, and Ethics


Sheri S. Tepper: The Gate to Women's Country (1988)


Review Questions

1. How does role-playing play a major part in the novel?

2. What is the significance of the various initiation rites and rituals dramatized by the novel?

3.  How do magic and technology interrelate in the plot of the novel?

4. What is the role of metamorphosis in the development of character and themes in the novel?

5. What is accomplished by the classical allusions in the novel?

6. In what sense is Hades women's country?

7. Do you find the feminist agenda in the novel effectively dramatized in the form of a bildungsroman?





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