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Timothy R White, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Film Studies
Department of English Language and Literature
National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 117570

Here I am in 1952, a few months before I became cynical and jaded.


Want to know which so-called "institutions of higher learning" are responsible for me being what I am?
Here's where I got my "degrees":

BA, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA
MA, Ph.D. (Communication Arts), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


You may want to see my vitae (I really doubt it, however...if you think this homepage is boring, wait till you see my vitae!!).  You can read a few of the articles I have written here:

“Islam, Animation and Money: The Reception of Disney’s Aladdin in Southeast Asia” (co-author, J. Emmett Winn), Kinema 2, 3 (Spring 1995).

“Historical Poetics, Malaysian Cinema, and the Japanese Occupation,” Kinema 6 (Fall 1996).


If you are interested in Southeast Asian cinema, be sure to look at my
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Cinema
Use it while you can; it will be gone in April 2004!!!


Before coming to NUS I taught at Auburn University in Alabama; this is where the students play football, go to church, and drink beer, sometimes simultaneously. It's not too bad there, I guess, considering it's in the middle of nowhere and they don't even have a hockey team. But then there's no hockey team here either (ice hockey, not that girlie field hockey).  If you're interested in film courses at Auburn, check out the home page of my buddy, Assoc Prof Emmett Winn.

 Speaking of hockey, here's a picture of Steve Yzerman (and his daughter) of the 2001/2002 Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings, my hometown heroes!


I teach (mostly) Film Studies here at NUS. My research interests are animation, the American film industry, and primarily the cinema of Southeast Asia. I am currently conducting research for a book on the Malaysian film director P. Ramlee; you probably don't even know who he is, though.

Those of us who teach film here engage in quite lively debates concerning the study of cinema. Here Dr Yong Li Lan tries to convince me, using the latest critical approach, of the virtues of film adaptations of Shakespeare plays.

For information on what I'm teaching this term, go to  EN 2241 Introduction to Film Studies.

I am also a committee member of the Singapore Film Society, an organization to which all mature Singaporean intellectuals should belong...join now!


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