The Future Coastline of Singapore  
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Take a closer look at how Singapore may look like in different sea level rise scenarios...

  View simulations on how much land may be lost as a result of different sea level rise scenarios...
  Data Processing  


Interested in statistics and number- crunching? View our methodology section for more in-depth discsion on how the data was prepared and processed.

Visit our extensions section to see what further research can be conducted along the lines of this present study




Being a generally low-lying island in the South China Sea, Singapore faces the possible risks from a global rise in sea level. Like many other Small Island Developing States (SIDS), the threat is very real and efforts have been made to determine their vulnerability to a change in sea level.

Our project attempts to assess the risks of inundation through a Geographic Information System (GIS) framework...

Read more about our project HERE.




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