Dr. Yi-Chen WANG

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Courses Taught

GE2220 Terrestrial and Coastal Environments
GE2227 Cartography and Visualization
GE3221 Ecological Systems
GE3216 Applications of GIS and remote sensing [Examples of student projects supervised]
GE3550A GIS Internship Module (Coordinate)
GE3551 FASS Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP)
GE4211 Catchment Processes and Management (Co-teach)
GE4212 Environmental Modeling
GE5217 Research Methods in Environmental Sciences (Graduate module, Co-teach)
GE5225 Thesis Planning and Implementation
GE5660 Independent Study (Graduate module)
GE6660 Independent Study (Graduate module)

PhD Students Supervised (as Main Supervisor/Committee Chair)

Carlos A. MORALES-RAMIREZ, "Evaluation of Critical Thinking Skills on Ecosystem Change using Open-source GIS" (On-going).

WANG, Wei James, "The Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Vegetation Cover in Singapore" (On-going).

ONG, Xueyuan, "Uncovering the Pathogenic Landscape of Helminth (Opisthorchis viverrini) Infection: The Contribution of Physical Environment, Social Environment, and Healthcare Interventions" (conferred in AY2016/17).

PhD Students Supervised (as Committee member/co-supervisor)

XIE, Jinghan, "Dynamic Simplification and Aggregation of Large-scale 3D Building Models" (on-going)

YAN, Yingwei, "Exploring Volunteered Geographic Information with Data Quality Control for Integrated Pest Management" (conferred in AY2016/17).

Master Students Supervised

PANG Yuhui Pearlyn, "Land Use Land Cover Change and Uneven Urban Heat Vulnearbility" (on-going).

ZHOU Xiaolu, "Dynamics of Urban Landscape Patterns and Their Environmental Consequence in the Kunming Metropolitan Area" (conferred in AY2010/11).

QUEK See Leng, "Soil Moisture Dynamics in the Tropical Montane Forest of Northern Thailand" (conferred in AY2010/11).

Honours Students Supervised

ISM: Independent Study Module

YEO Siew Ping, 2015/16. "Effects of Environmental Factors and Infecting Trematodes on the Growth and Development of Bithynia siamensis goniomphalos in Northeast Thailand." Honours Thesis.

CHEN KaiXin Serene, 2015/16. "Planning for Liveable Neighbourhoods: Examining Subjective Thermal Comfort in HDB Recreational Spaces." ISM project.

Roy YUEN Ze Min, 2014/15. "Humans & Bithynia Snails: A Habitat Connectivity Study of the Definitive and First Intermediate Host of Opisthorchis viverrini in Northeast Thailand." Honours Thesis.

TAN Chuling Jolene, 2013/14. "Ecological Determinants of Fresh Water Snails Bithynia siamensis goniomphalos, Northeast Thailand." Honours Thesis.

HO Cheng Yong Richard, 2012/13. "Impacts of Habitat Types and Landscape Attributes on Snail Ecology and Opisthorchis viverrini Transmission in Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand." Honours Thesis.

HONG Xinlei, 2011/12. "Edge Effects in a Forest Fragment of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve." Honours Thesis.

CHAN Shui Lian Isabelle, 2010/11. "Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) and Primate Species Richness: A GIS Analysis." Honours Thesis.

WONG Rui Qing Rachel, 2010/11. "Examining Solar Potential of Rooftops in Singapore Using GIS." Honours Thesis.

Justin CHUA, 2009/10. "Khoo Teck Puat Hospital's A&E Catchment Area within the North Region." ISM Project.

FENG Yikang, 2008/09. "Playful Discovery in Semantic Self-Organizing Maps." (Co-supervised with Dr. FENG Chen-Chieh). ISM Project.

OH Eng Hwee, 2007/08. "Assessing the Effects of Land Cover Change on Flooding in Chiang Mai, Thailand." ISM Project.

Filzah Nadiah Bt Zainal Abidin. 2007/08. "Land Use Change and Fragmentation in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand." ISM Project.

CHEN, ShiRui Cheryl. 2006/07. "Edge Effects on Fragmented Forest in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve." Honours Thesis.

QUEK, See Leng. 2006/07. "Vegetation-Site Relationships of the Primary and Secondary Forests in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve." Honours Thesis.

ZHENG Ling Zenia. 2005/06. "Ecological and Environmental Impacts of Recreational Fishing and Aquatic Wildlife Collection on Reservoirs: A Short Study on Lower Pierce Reservoir." ISM Project.