Dear friends and colleagues,
We are writing to invite you to participate in a session titled Poverty in Context: China and the U.S.
which we will organize at the Second Global Conference on Economic Geography to be held in Beijing from 25-28 June, 2007. The session will be co-organized by me and Dr. Amy Glasmeier, E Willard Miller Prof. of Economic Geography from Penn State Geography Department.  We cordially invite any submission of paper presentation related to poverty in China or the U.S.
For more info about the Beijing conference, check (Chinese), or (English)
If you are interested in participating in the session, please get in contact with us: . Please take notice of the fact that the deadline for submitting the pre-registration form is due very soon. All you have to do right now is
to fill in the registration form (not-binding) which is available at the conference website, and send it to the local organizer Henry Yeung: before the end of December. All paper presenters are required to submit an abstract of 100 words (maximum) before 30 April 2007.
Please feel free to forward the message to anyone who might be interested. For any question about the session, please contact me or Amy Glasmeier at

We hope you can join us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Guo Chen and Amy Glasmeier

Session Title:
Poverty in Context: China, and the U.S.: Questions, Debates, and Policy Challenges

Guo Chen, Department of Geography, Penn State University
Amy K. Glasmeier, E Willard Miller Professor Economic Geography, Department of Geography, Penn State University

In this session, we draw attention to the contentious issue of poverty and explore the causes, dynamics, historical and geographic representations of poverty, and recent policy responses to poverty, in a comparative and international context.
Geographers and scholars in other fields from both countries and other countries who study poverty in China and/or the U.S. are welcome to contribute to the session.  We would like to incorporate a blend of theoretical, empirical and policy studies and are encouraging papers that incorporate qualitative, quantitative, combined, or other innovative methodological approaches to poverty research.

Papers are expected to be related to, but not restricted to, one or more of the following topics.  
-Globalization, Regional Restructuring, and Poverty (in China or/and U.S.)
-Conceptual Issues about Poverty, Deprivation, and Social Exclusion (in China or/and U.S.)
-Measurement of Poverty (in China or/and U.S.)
-Historical and Geographic Representation of Poverty (in China or/and U.S.)
-Social Economic Policy Responses to Poverty (in China or/and U.S.)
-Innovative Local Responses to Poverty (in China or/and U.S.)
-NGOs and Poverty
-Urban Poverty in China
-Migrant poor in China
-Rural Poverty in China
-Poverty and Homelessness in the U.S.
-Place and/or People Poverty
-Resource Poverty
-Social Exclusion
-Poverty of Representation
-Historical Perspectives on Poverty and Social Exclusion
Proposals will be considered for papers that include geographies outside the bounds of China and the US.

Guo Chen
Department of Geography
Pennsylvania State University
107 Walker