Second Global Conference on Economic Geography


Presentation Guidelines


We will be having an extremely packed conference due to a large number of papers (about 350) and limited session venues (due to the fully booked nature of the conference venue). So we ask you to be fully cognizant of the following suggestions:


1. Time for each paper: In general, each paper will be given up to 20 minutes maximum. We suggest you present the paper for up to 15 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions and answers. The Chair of each session will be advised to follow very strictly this time limit in order to be fair to all presenters and participants. Please prepare your paper with this time limit in mind.


2. Availability of audio-visual aids: We regret that due to our very limited budget, we can only offer aids for PC computer-based presentation. Each conference room will be equipped with a PC notebook and a projector. You are welcome to use Microsoft PowerPoint to aid your presentation. Please note that there will NOT be any overhead projectors (OHPs) or digital visualizers available for your presentation.


3. Computer files: If you intend to use PowerPoint slides, please put your PPT file in a USB thumb drive or memory stick and load it onto the PC notebook in the conference room just before your session begins. We will have assistants in each room to help you with technical issues. Please note that we will NOT be responsible if your computer file is corrupted or does not work on the notebook provided. You are welcome, however, to bring your own notebook. Please do NOT send your file(s) to the conference organizer(s). We will delete all such files.


4. Copies of your paper: If you would like the participants to receive copies of your paper, you are welcome to bring 20-30 copies of your paper to the conference. However, we will NOT be able to offer free photocopying facilities. Your hotel might have a business centre that is able to reproduce your paper at a cost.