Second Global Conference on Economic Geography, Beijing, 25-28 June 2007


Financial Support for Graduate Students or Early Career Participants from developing countries in South or Southeast Asia


To be considered for the travel award, please send your application by email to Deborah Lee ( no later than 28 February 2007.


Up to TEN awards will be made. Each award comes with (1) waived registration fees, (2) five nights of shared double room accommodation, and (3) a travel subsidy up to US$500 (based on reimbursement). The Conference Organizing Committee will select the awardees and the CommitteeŐs decision will be final. Please provide information on the following categories.


1) Name


2) Current institutional affiliation (with advisor/supervisor name, year of initial registration for current degree or year of completion of PhD)


3) Contact details (including email)


4) Nationality


5) Gender


6) Educational qualifications (note: include year and month of degrees, disciplines of study)


7) Employment history/previous experience, if applicable (maximum 10 lines)


8) Publications (if any; include policy documents and working papers) (maximum 10 lines)


9) Describe the paper you propose to present at the conference, placing this in the context of your wider research interests (maximum 250 words)


10) Will you be involved in other activities at the conference, or in the region?


11) How will you benefit from attending the conference (maximum 500 words)?




Further details of the conference can be found at: