Second Global Conference On Economic Geography
25-28 June 2007, Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China


For Conference Report by Henry Yeung and Weidong Liu, click me

updated on 20 July 2007; captions by Henry Yeung (but blame the Organizing Committee for all mistakes!)

Video Downloads here (warning! No editing and censorship! So can be quite "raw")

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1. Preparing for the battle! (1.4MB)

2. Registering the participants in BCGH (3.3MB)

3. Opening session1 (7.1MB)

4. Opening session2 - Susan Hanson's plenary lecture (4.1MB)

5. Regular session on Day 1 (2.7MB)

6. It's time to eat! (3.1MB)


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7. Session on Day 2 (1.8MB)

8. What is economic geography for? session (5.4MB)

9. Language in economic geography session (1.2MB)

10. Gordon Clark's plenary lecture (3.9MB)

11. Reception hosted by Economic Geography - Cheers! (1.8MB)

12. Time for fresh air - fieldtrips in action (6.8MB)

13. Reception hosted by the IGSNRR - Cheers again! (2.1MB)

14. Gernot Grabher's plenary lecture (2.1MB)

Photos taken by Henry's camera (click each thumbnail for a bigger photo)

The team is getting ready!

Conference banner

Time for action

Humm... "Where should we go?" Mick Dunford and Roger Lee checking it out, guess what, on a map!

Our Co-Chair, Weidong, in action

Senior Chinese academics

Taylor & Francis display

Lovely registration team, isn't it?

Blackwell display

Zhang Li, Chris Smith, and Wang Enru

Time for lunch - a big one!

Tickets please! 2 "bouncers"

David Sadler and Phil O'Neill

Are you sure they're here for a conference??

Yifei Sun, Larry Ma and Jin Fengjun

Hey, I see Lily Kong there (with Nik Theodore looking back)!

Gernot Grabher and his stylish group (Dominic Power spotted here)

The Coe et al. team!

More banquet dinner photos!

More drinking at mid night!

Jamie Peck in action

The book winners are... Peter Dicken, Trevor Barnes and Jamie Peck

The audience

Jamie Peck introducing the session

Ron Boschma, Peter Baklanov, and Eric Sheppard

Language panel

How's the food?

Peter Daniels, Meric Gertler and Bill Beyers

Economic Geography editors and friends

The Beida gang!

Have more drinks!

Claes Alvstam, Hege Knutsen and Mike Taylor

Our dream team from CAS

More delegates!

"The food sucks", so they said!

Jim Murphy, Markus Hassler and our lady delegate

Gordon Clark and his Oxford team

John Tomaney and Nick Phelps: "Why are you moving to UCL?"

"Umm... This wine is not as good as those Italian ones I had", so Mick Dunford says.

Fieldtrip to BDA!

Very attentive visitors!


Still more food in BDA

Weidong welcoming delegates

We are ready to serve you drinks!

What's Wang Wen-Cheng doing with the two Co-Chairs?

Phew! It's finally over - the team behind your conference!

Time to relax and celebrate after the conference - Trevor Barnes, Eric Sheppard, and Jun Zhang


Registration in action

Professor Global Shift meets his Chinese publisher (and translator!)

The grand conference hall!

Say Hi!

Plenary speakers - Gordon Clark and Gernot Grabher

Henry chairing Susan Hanson's lecture

Mike Samers and Neil Coe

Our Finnish delegates


Presentation by James Faulconbridge

Our lunch for sure

Peter Dicken, Phil Kelly and Neil Coe

Munchie lunchie gathering

Or it's just an excuse for food and wine?

Gordon Clark and his table

Susan Hanson and her table

Weidong is hard-selling Coe et al. new textbook Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction!

Conference banquet dinner - cheers!

Lu Dadao's lecture and Yu Zhou's interpretation in real time

Phil O'Neill, Eric Sheppard, Trevor Barnes, and Peter Dicken (looking on)

Serious conferencing

What's economic geography for? Session

Session panelists

Trevor Barnes and Katherine Gibson

and Yoshihiro Miyamachi

Mike Samers and Tim Reiffenstein@Economic Geography reception

David Rigby, Michael Shin and Jessie Poon

Women's power!

Yuko Aoyama, Editor of EG, and her colleagues from Japan

Another Beida group

Let's have a photo together

Ron Boschma and colleagues from eastern Europe

Our delegates from Japan and South Korea

Stars in geography

Gernot Grabher and European delegates

Phil Kelly speaking to Michael Webber and Katherine Gibson

Meric Gertler entertaining Deborah Leslie and Sue Roberts

Lots of new economic geographers, Sarah Hall, Andrew Jones, Sally Weller, Steve Musson, and Al James

Godfrey and Henry - the two Yeungs in economic geography!

A big turnout at BDA

What were Peter Dicken, Mike Sammers, and Jamie Peck doing there?

More food in BDA

Another reception, now at the IGSNRR

IGSNRR Deputy Director welcomes delegates

The CAS team spirit was high!

China panel session

Trevor Barnes and his academic admirers!

OC members and Gernot Grabher

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