Global Conference On Economic Geography
5-9th December 2000, National University of Singapore


updated on 20 June 2001; captions by Henry Yeung (but blame the Committee for all mistakes!)
CAPTIONAntipode Roundtable on last day
CAPTION Mike Bradshaw asking his questions
CAPTION More questions...
CAPTION The greatest fish-head curry for economic geographers ever!
CAPTION Long wait for the bus
CAPTION Multinational tourists??
CAPTION A bird's eye view of the Jurong Island
CAPTION Really long queue for the food!
CAPTION Having some snacks and coffees
CAPTION Ash Amin giving his plenary
CAPTION Very interesting indeed!
CAPTION Some South Asian participants
CAPTION Two greatest "post-Fordists"! Allen Scott and Meric Gertler
CAPTION Asian colleagues
CAPTION Three regulationists: Jamie Peck, Miyamachi and Andy Jonas!
CAPTION Just so much food, right?
CAPTION Another excellent presentation
CAPTION Ragu, our transport geographer
CAPTION Big lunch in the Guild Hall
CAPTION Some Japanese economic geographers
CAPTION Publishers' display corner
CAPTION Sakina and Mui Gek
CAPTION Tom Hutton in action
CAPTION Women's power: You-tien Tsing, Yu Zhou and Sue Roberts
CAPTION Leo Grunsven, Sam Ock Park, Ed Malecki and Tom Leinbach
CAPTION Tim Bunnell's great presentation!
CAPTION Allen Scott talking to a packed audience
CAPTION Katherine Gibson giving her plenary
CAPTION Who's that comedian?
CAPTION Barnes rebuts critics!
CAPTION More drinks...
CAPTION Reception by BIDA
CAPTION Some fruits, Tom!
CAPTION Routledge and Edward Elgar counters
CAPTION Another presentation
CAPTION Peck, Myamachi, David Sadler and I
CAPTION All these photos brought to you by Jean and Rachel

CAPTION Welcome to the conference
CAPTIONSue Roberts in action
CAPTION Questions from the audience
CAPTIONRoundtable panelists
CAPTION Ready for fieldwork in Jurong!
CAPTION Let's get going
CAPTION Jurong Town Corporation reception
CAPTION Flames from the chemical island!
CAPTION Geographers doing their fieldwork
CAPTION Going for the final Indian lunch in City Hall
CAPTION They are coming! Get ready.
CAPTION Trevor Barnes greeted by NUS colleagues
CAPTION Chua Beng Huat in action
CAPTION Really crowded during breaks!
CAPTION More discussion...
CAPTION Getting into serious discussion...
CAPTION The emerging geographers of the future!
CAPTION Global economic geography in action: from Seoul to ULCA to Oslo
CAPTION Some nice walk to the rooms
CAPTION More presentation.
CAPTION Another queue for food?
CAPTION Lunch banquet in the Guild Hall
CAPTION Our hardworking registration team!
CAPTION Oxford University Press stand
CAPTION NUS Shaw Foundation Building
CAPTION What to eat? Tim Bunnell, Trevor Barnes and Robert Lewis
CAPTION A big cheer! Note the two tired Mancunians in the background
CAPTION Busy busy...
CAPTION Woh, let's drink now and talk later!
CAPTION Antipode panelists - to be executed!
CAPTION Trevor Barnes reviewing the development of economic geography since Chisholm
CAPTION Jamie Peck introducing the Roundtable
CAPTION 1st plenary session
CAPTION Phil Kelly trying to tell the Deputy Chairman of Batam Ind Devt Authority what Geography is really about!
CAPTION Blackwell Publishers
CAPTION Journal of Economic Geography
CAPTION Pow and Harvey
CAPTION Tim is having fun with the gals!
CAPTIONGraduate and undergraduates
CAPTION Rachel and Jean again!
CAPTIONThe Scandinavian mafia - Peter Maskell and Bjorn Asheim

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