The Globalization Of Business Firms From Emerging Economies

Henry Wai-Chung Yeung, Assistant Professor of Geography, National University of Singapore, Singapore

This authoritative collection sheds new light on the global and regional operations of business firms from emerging markets and shows how the pressures of the competitive global economy help shape the management and organisation of these firms.

65 articles, dating from 1973 to 1998
Contributors include: R. Aggarwal, P. Beamish, T. Brewer, P. Buckley, J. Dunning, E. Kaynak, S. Lall, D. Lecraw, P. O’Brien, L. Wells, S. Young

UK Publication Hardback November 1999c 1,151 pp1 84064 053 7c 250.00
US Publication Hardback January 2000c $175.00
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