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Globalisation and the Asia Pacific
Kris Olds, Philip F. Kelly, Lily Kong, Henry Wai-chung Yeung, Peter Dicken
ISBN 0415199204
Publication Date 25 MAR 1999
Type Paperback Book
Price 19.99
Dimensions 234x156 (Pages 320)
Most books that analyse the crucial subject of globalisation only look at it from a western perspective. This is the first detailed study to look at globalisation specifically in the Asia-Pacific region. An impressive collection of leading, interdisciplinary scholars explore various dimensions of globalisation, and their relationship to development processes in the region.
Table Of Contents:
Acknowledgements. Questions in a crisis: The contested meanings of globalisation in the Asia Pacific. Phillip Kelly and Kris Olds. Global Discourses. Reflections on golobalisation and its (il)logic(s). Bob Jessop. Globalism and the politics of place. Arif Dirlik. The globaisation of the system of business knowledge. Nigel Thrift. Resisting Globalisation: Environmental politics in Eastern Asia. James H. Mittelman. Regional reformations. The political economy of globalisation in East Asia: The Salience of 'Region Building'. Richard Higgott. INvesting in the future: East and Southeast Asian firms in the global economy. Peter Dicken and Henry Wai-chung Yeung. Rethinking globaisation: Re-articulating the spatial scales and temporal horizons of trans-border spaces. Ngai-Ling Sum. Reterritorializing the state. Servicing the global economy: reconfigures states and private agents. Saskia Sassen. Globalisation and the limits to national economic management. Cayetano Paderanga Jr. Global Lives. Class formation, hybridity and ethnification in declining global hegemonies. Jonathan Friedman. Citizens in Transnational nation-states: The Asian experience. Nina Glick Schiller. Globalisation, transmigration nd the renegotiation of ethnic identity. Lily Kong. Globalisation, Postcolonialism and new represenations of the pacific Asia Metropolis. Dean Forbes. References. Index.
Sub Title:
Contested Territories
Kris Olds, Philip F. Kelly, Lily Kong, Henry Wai-Chung Yeung, Peter Dicken
Translated By:
Series Information:
Warwick Studies in Globalisation
Full Contributors:
Peter Dicken Univeristy of Manchester, UK. Arif Dirlik Duke University, USA. Dean Forbes Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. Jonathan Friedman University of Lund. Nina Glick Schiller University of New Hampshire. Richard Higgott University of Warwick. UK. Bob Jessop Lancaster University, UK. Phillip Kelly National University of Singapore. Lily Kong National University of Singapore. Jonathan H. Mittelman American University, Wahington D.C., UK. Kris Olds National University of Singapore. Cayetano W. Panderanga Jr Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Phillipenes. Saskia Sassen University of Chicago, UK. Ngai-Ling Sum University of Manchester. Nigel Thrift University of Bristol, UK. Henry Wai-chung Yeung National University of Singapore.

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