2003 - 2006
"Globalization of mainland Chinese firms"
With Dr. Liu Weidong
Funded by the
Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Total Grant Amount: RMB$90,000 (approx. US$10,000)

2003 - 2006
"Asian firms in the global economy"
With Dr. Yong-Sook Lee and Dr. Shin Yang Sup (collaborators)
Funded by NUS Academic Research Grant
Total Grant Amount: S$160,858 (approx. US$90,000)

Personal interviews with Chairmen and CEOs of over 40 leading firms from Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, including:

2002 - 2004
Asian foreign investment in the US: A firm-level study of technology acquisition and transfer"
With Professors
Jessie Poon (Co-PI) and Alan MacPherson (Co-PI), State University of New York-Buffalo.
Funded by National Science Foundation Grant (Award No:
Total Grant Amount: US$169,979

2000 - 2003
Making the Connections: Global production networks in Europe and East Asia"
With Professor Peter Dicken (Principal Investigator), School of Geography, University of Manchester and
Professor Jeffrey Henderson (Principal Investigator), Manchester Business School, and Dr. Neil Coe and
Dr. Martin Hess, School of Geography, University of Manchester
Funded by Economic and Social Research Council, UK (Grant No: No: R000238535)
Total Grant Amount: £335,000
End of Project Evaluation by the ESRC: Good "Good quality research making a useful contribution to the development of the subject. A Good grade indicates a project whose research activities and contribution is fully commensurate with the level of award, approach and subject area, and which has addressed its major objectives".

BMW's global production networks? Click this link.


Nokia's manufacturing cluster in Beijing? Click this link.


1997 - 2000
Singapore's global reach: transnational operations, landscape transformations, and identity (re)negotiations"
With Dr. Kris Olds (Co-Principal Investigator), Professor Peter Dicken, A/P Linda Low, Dr. Lily Kong, Dr. Philip Kelly, Dr. Anne Haila
Funded by NUS Academic Research Grant (No: RP970013)
Total Grant Amount: S$161,041

See report in
NUS Annual Report 2001

National Day in China

"The role of entrepreneurhsip in the regionalisation of Singaporean transnational corporations"
With Dr. Tan Thiam Soon
Funded by NUS Academic Research Grant (No: RP960045)
Total Grant Amount: S$46,800
Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park, China

1996 - 1997
"Competition for corporate control in Southeast Asia"
With Dr. Martin Perry (Principal Investigator) & Dr. Jessie Poon
Funded by NUS Academic Research Grant (No: RP950023)
Total Grant Amount: S$19,650


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